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Adamantite (sometimes referred to as adamant, or addy) is a metal stronger than mithril, and weaker than runite. It has a dull olive colour.

Adamantite rocks are found as natural deposits and can be mined for adamantite ore, which can be smelted into adamantite bars. Adamantite bars can be forgeed with adamantite smithing into various types of weapons and armour. These generally require 30 Attack or Defense to use respectively. Using an adamantite pickaxe requires level 31 Mining. Equipment of this type is notable because the next best metal has a much higher price, thus adamantite is often used over runite by players on a budget.

Players have sometimes used addy pures for PKing. These characters have a Defense level between 30 and 39 (enough to equip adamantite but not runite), and usually have low Magic and Prayer. An addy 2her has between 30 and 39 Attack, uses an adamantite 2-handed sword, and may have a low Defense level.

Forging adamantite bars[edit | edit source]

Adamantite bars can be used for forging as part of the Smithing skill. By using an adamantite bar on an anvil with a hammer in the player's inventory, adamantite armour and weapons can be created. Each adamantite bar gives 62.5 Smithing experience when consumed to make an item.

Item Level Experience Bars
Adamantite dagger.png Adamantite dagger 70 62.5 1
Adamantite Axe.png Adamantite Axe 71 62.5 1
Adamantite Mace.png Adamantite Mace 72 62.5 1
Medium Adamantite Helmet.png Medium Adamantite Helmet 73 62.5 1
Adamantite Short Sword.png Adamantite Short Sword 74 62.5 1
Adamantite dart tips.png 7 adamantite dart tips 74 62.5 1
Adamantite arrow heads.png 10 adamantite arrow heads 75 62.5 1
Adamantite Scimitar.png Adamantite Scimitar 75 125 2
Adamantite Long Sword.png Adamantite Long Sword 76 125 2
Large Adamantite Helmet.png Large Adamantite Helmet 77 125 2
Adamantite throwing knife.png 2 Adamantite throwing knives 77 62.5 1
Adamantite Square Shield.png Adamantite Square Shield 78 125 2
Adamantite battle Axe.png Adamantite battle Axe 80 187.5 3
Adamantite Chain Mail Body.png Adamantite Chain Mail Body 81 187.5 3
Adamantite Kite Shield.png Adamantite Kite Shield 82 187.5 3
Adamantite 2-handed Sword.png Adamantite 2-handed Sword 84 187.5 3
Adamantite Plated skirt.png Adamantite Plated skirt 86 187.5 3
Adamantite Plate Mail Legs.png Adamantite Plate Mail Legs 86 187.5 3
Adamantite Plate Mail Body.png Adamantite Plate Mail Body 88 312.5 5

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Adamantite's name comes from the word "adamant", meaning determined, uncompromising, or firm.
  • In RuneScape 2, "Adamantite" was shortened to "Adamant" in many item names.