2003 Halloween event

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2003 Halloween Event - scythe spawns

During the 2003 Halloween event, untradeable scythes were dropped. The drop happened on two days; on 31 October and 2 November 2003. Players could only own one scythe at a time. If they tried to pick up another one, a message said, "You already have a scythe you don't need another one". If dropped or lost, players can talk to Thessalia in The Clothes Shop at Varrock to get the scythe back.

Jagex originally did not want to create a Halloween event for 2003, because they feared it would delay the planned release date (1 December) of RuneScape 2. In one of their polls, they asked players if they would want a new Halloween event but also delay the release of RuneScape 2, or keep it on schedule and have a "pancake day" in February instead. 78% of voters wanted a 2003 Halloween event. However, RuneScape 2 was still released on schedule, because the developers came in early and on weekends to do extra work.

Due to timezone differences between the UK and North America, many North American players missed the drop.[1] Jagex organised a second drop day where every hour for four hours the scythes were randomly dropped.

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