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The 2002 Christmas event was an event that began with the "Merry Christmas" update on 25 December 2002. People got on their screens a message saying "Merry Christmas". During the event, Santa hats would randomly fall on the ground in random time intervals, and players could pick them up and keep them. After a large influx of complaints from players not receiving a holiday drop, on 22 December 2003, Jagex announced the cancellation of Christmas item drops.

Santa hats[edit | edit source]

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Initially Santa hats were fairly common and priced between 10,000 to 100,000 coins. But due to them becoming relatively rare over the years, they have increased tremendously in worth to well over 100 million coins.

Santa hats provide a +3 bonus to Magic when equipped. Today, Santa hats are worn by generally more experienced players as a display of decoration or wealth.

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